National Agency for the Development of Health Research

The National Agency for the Development of Health Research is a public administrative institution, responsible for contributing to the implementation and achievement of national health research program, including:

  • Develop annual and multiannual programs in accordance with agreed priorities, and to ensure their implementation;
  • Proceed to launch and track calls of thematic propositions offered as part of its programs;
  • To fund, on the program budget, through agreements and / or contracts, research projects selected;
  • To promote and boost the mechanisms and systems of support and administrative and financial management of health research;
  • To proceed with the establishment of monitoring mechanisms and evaluation of research activities which it is responsible;
  • To contribute to the material and financial support for scientific events organized in areas related to its activities;
  • Participate in relation to the relevant structures, funding for education and retraining actions necessary to achieve its programs;
  • To proceed with the acquisition complements of equipment, materials, products and documentation related to the implementation of its programs;
  • Ensure the dissemination and exploitation of research results which it is responsible for.